James Franco Accused of 'Sexually Exploitative Behavior' by Multiple Women

Jan 12, 2018, 03:25
James Franco Accused of 'Sexually Exploitative Behavior' by Multiple Women

Previously, surrounding Franco's Golden Globes win for The Disaster Artist, Paley tweeted criticism of Franco's decision to wear a Time's Up pin and accused him of sexual misconduct. But the claims about him in particular are inaccurate, according to Franco.

Five women have come forward accusing James Franco of sexually inappropriate behaviour, following an appearance on U.S. television in which he declared accusations made against him on Twitter were "not accurate". But the actor seems to be facing a brewing scandal of his own. They surfaced on Twitter minutes after he accepted a best comedy actor Golden Globe on Sunday for his role in The Disaster Artist. He made the bold proclamation on The Late Show on January 9 that the claims against him were "not accurate" and on Late Night with Seth Meyers just 24 hours later he doubled down that message.

Franco's lawyer denied the claims to the Times, and pointed to Franco's comments on The Late Show.

This is not the first time Franco has been in the news for inappropriate behavior. How have sexual harassment and the #MeToo conversation affected you?

Seth: That we heard some incredible things from some fantastic women.

It's been a long week for actor James Franco.

Tither-Kaplan did note that Franco apologised to her in late 2017 following the avalanche of allegations of sexual misconduct that plagued Harvey Weinstein. "Please don't ever ask me why I left the film/tv business".

Franco said he had "no idea" why Sheedy, whom he directed in a 2014 off-Broadway play, was upset. But screenshots still managed to circulate as actress Violet Paley tweeted another accusation.

James Franco with his brither Dave Franco at the Golden Globes on Sunday
James Franco with his brither Dave Franco at the Golden Globes on Sunday

Actress Violet Paley tweeted on Sunday that Franco once "pushed" her head down in a auto toward his "exposed penis", and that she knew "other girls with similar stories". "After you had already been caught doing that to a different 17 year old?" On Wednesday night's Late Night With Seth Meyers, Franco, 39, said tweets by Paley and Tither-Kaplan were "not accurate" but supported them for speaking out. "Times up on that!" None responded except Paley, who declined to comment for the time being.

The renewed scrutiny on Franco comes four years after he apparently sent a series of text messages, posted on the image-sharing website Imgur, in which he seemed to try to seduce a 17-year-old Scottish girl he had met outside a Broadway theater in NY. The girl posted screenshots of their alleged conversation, which were shared by Gawker.

"I got it in my head pretty quickly that, OK, you don't say "no" to this guy", Tither-Kaplan told the LA Times.

Franco sidestepped the question, declining to reflect on his history. "I want to give him credit for at least being open to communicating with me", she told the newspaper. However, she said he told her he hadn't done "anything illegal" and insisted, "I'm a changed man".

"There were some things on Twitter - yeah, I haven't read them", he continued. But one of the things I've learned is that this is a conversation that obviously needs to be had. I - it was so shocking.

While chatting in the the auto, Franco surprised her by suddenly taking his penis out, she said, and putting her hand on it. I will make it. I have to. I think that's how that works. "I have to. I don't know what else to do".

Regarding the bigger issue, he added, "Look, I really don't have the answers". "In my life I pride myself on taking responsibility for things that I've done". You meet somebody in person and you get a feel for them, but you don't know who you're talking to.