All the Nintendo Direct Mini news and announcements

Jan 12, 2018, 03:18
All the Nintendo Direct Mini news and announcements

Nintendo today held a Direct Mini that everyone had been expecting since EA internal documents leaked mid-December.

"Mario Tennis Aces brings a new level of skill and competition to Nintendo Switch". And out of nowhere, Square Enix's Nintendo DS cult hit (released a solid decade ago) The World Ends With You is getting re-released on the Switch and will be available at some point in 2018.

The new edition promises revamped visuals in high-definition detail running at 60 FPS.

Following that came the reveal of new Pokémon heading to Pokkén Tournament DX. Avatar items and more will be included in the Battle Pack DLC too.

The new game, like its predecessors, stars Kirby - a pink puff who can absorb powers from his enemies - as he progresses through a breezy, lightly challenging fantasy world. Co-op friends can also combine their abilities to produce new effects. The indie developed game was announced to have a release date of February 16th on the Switch.

Overkill Software's "Payday 2" is being ported for the Nintendo Switch and it will arrive for the console on February 27. The presentation was heavy on DLC and ports of older games, but what about new stuff? Mario Tennis Aces is also scheduled for this Spring, with the Switch version introducing a brand new story mode.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA is an action RPG that tells the story of two souls split yet united by fate. It came out a year ago on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and it's headed to Nintendo Switch this summer. In this game, players control Link as he faces a powerful new enemy - the evil sorceress Central Intelligence Agency - and her army to rescue the captive Princess Zelda. Other players will then have to race to find these hidden balloons. Alongside Balloon World comes new outfits for Mario, as well as fresh Snapshot filters. The update is coming in February.

SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~ has players take control of some of SNK's most famous female fighters.