Indian Man arrested for sexual abuse on 22-year old woman passenger

Jan 05, 2018, 12:15
Indian Man arrested for sexual abuse on 22-year old woman passenger

A 34-year-old Indian man on board a U.S. flight was arrested by federal authorities in MI after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her while she was asleep.

Ramamoorthy, an Indian national living in United States was charged with aggravated sexual abuse and held without bail after being arrested when the flight landed.

The woman said she was in a window seat next to Ramamoorthy when she fell asleep, only to wake up and discover his hand in her trousers. Additionally, he told authorities that he attempted to put his finger in her vagina "but was not successful", according to the complaint obtained by the paper.

"He told an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent that he "'might have' undone (the woman's) bra while playing with it, and that he had cupped her (clothed) breast", according to the complaint. Ramamoorthy was arrested upon landing at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

She said Ramamoorthy was seated between his wife and the victim and continued assaulting her until she woke up and went to report the incident to flight attendants.

Prabhu apparently stopped touching her when she awoke and opened her eyes around 5.30 am, which was 40 minutes before the plane was to land in Detroit.

The 34-year-old suspect, who is a citizen of India, initially stated that he had been in "deep sleep" during the flight and did not know where he had placed his hands.

He ultimately admitted to unzipping her trousers and attempting to digitally penetrate her, The Detroit News reports.

Responding to the situation, the attendants offered the woman a different seat and kept her in the back of the plane.

The teenager - an unaccompanied minor on braces because of foot damage - had told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that a 45-year-old pilot grasped her butt, touched her internal thigh and halfway inclined toward her as she was dozing in her seat by the window, the Free Press detailed at the time. He had a detention hearing scheduled for 1 p.m. on Thursday, the Detroit News added.

Ramamoorthy and his wife are living on a temporary visa, thereby disqualifying the latter as suitable custodian, according to federal prosecutor, Amanda Jawad.

A representative for Spirit Airlines has stated that the company is cooperating with authorities.