Hot-air balloon crash kills tourist in southern Egypt

Jan 05, 2018, 12:15
Hot-air balloon crash kills tourist in southern Egypt

The body of the deceased American tourist and the seven other injured were transferred to Luxor International Hospital. Luxor Governor Mahmoud Badr said a statement about the incident would be released shortly, according to AFP.

The tourists, from Britain, France, Hong Kong, Hungary and Japan, died when the balloon plummeted to the ground after catching fire. The crash killed one passenger and injured seven others, according to initial reports.

Hot air balloon rides were temporarily suspended in Egypt in 2016 after a crash landing led to the injuries of 22 Chinese tourists.

Their nationalities were not immediately clear.

The hot air balloons also offer views of the Valley of the Kings, where pharaonic nobility were buried.

Sixteen people were injured in a Luxor hot air balloon flight in 2011 as well.

The deadliest balloon crash in history occurred in February 2013 in Luxor, when 19 people were killed.

"Airships, or hot air balloons, are known for mainly depending on the expected weather conditions and wind directions during flight", reads Egyptian magazine Egypt Today.