Hisense's new 2018 TVs will have built-in Amazon Alexa

Jan 05, 2018, 12:02
Hisense's new 2018 TVs will have built-in Amazon Alexa

And 69% of Google Home owners said they'd choose another Google gadget.

As CNBC notes, brands are keen pay technology companies, such as Amazon, a lot of money to appear near the top of searches when consumers look for certain products.

Whirlpool is the first company to create an Alexa skill for its connected microwaves, and Amazon said it'll be launching "soon" in the USA, so we wouldn't be surprised if the first AI-controlled microwaves made an appearance at CES next week.

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The move might have created some tension with Microsoft, which has been fashioning its own Cortana assistant as the AI of choice for enterprise. LG too has confirmed that its 2018 TVs will ship with the Google Assistant built-in in select markets.

Do you really need a desk lamp or refrigerator that's always listening for voice commands?

Hisense has a history of building Alexa integrations for smart home products.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices are the future of smart home devices, connecting virtually every area of your home with voice commands. For third-party hardware makers, the challenge this year will be to find the use cases that actually stick.

"The move by Amazon, which right now does very little advertising on the Echo, could mean big things for consumer companies that are fretting their influence on a voice-powered shopping experience", CNBC claimed in their report, adding that, "With Alexa's clout anticipated to rise, brands are anxious about being left out of the voice-shopping platform entirely".

Some consumers might consider a $30 speaker to be cheap enough to throw away and not a barrier to buying the Apple device when it arrives.

Over on its developer blog, Amazon has revealed that an update to its Home Skill API will allow appliance manufacturers to add Alexa support to cloud-connected microwave ovens, which apparently exist. That'll change in early 2018, when Amazon broadly rolls out Alexa purchases and subscriptions.

More consumers will be using voice in the home to get things done.