There's a huge chance, Apple might just acquire Netflix!

Jan 03, 2018, 02:34
There's a huge chance, Apple might just acquire Netflix!

If Apple were to do that, it would certainly be one of the largest deals we'll see in 2018 as the streaming service now has a market cap of $87 billion. The recent U.S. corporate tax cut allows firms to repatriate cash which is just sitting overseas without getting hit with huge taxes. Contrary to the earlier reports of Apple launching a video subscription product in 2018, some analysts have said that the company may possibly be buying Netflix, taking advantage of US President Donald Trump's corporate tax cut, with the upcoming influx of funds that was not previously available.

The same Citi research note, which was written before Disney's offer to buy a large chunk of 21st Century Fox, said that Apple had about a 25% chance of buying Disney with its repatriated money. This is a good problem to have.

But given its previous interest in TV, movies and video content, Netflix is the most likely choice for Cupertino to splash its cash on, providing the streaming giant is willing to sell. For Apple, that's about $220 billion - only a third of which is required to acquire Netflix.

There's a huge chance, Apple might just acquire Netflix!

The company would need only 1/3 of that to snap up Netflix. In the near future, however, Apple might spend a lot more on a major acquisition. To date, Apple has over $250 billion in cash, most of it sitting overseas.

Suva and team analyzed several potential acquisition targets for Apple, and of the options, they gave the possibility of Apple buying Netflix the highest probability.

Fuelling the scenarios are two big Hollywood names such as Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston who will feature in the first scripted video series of Apple. This perhaps makes the company more attractive to Apple, which has begun dabbling with original content to supplement the movie and TV show purchases and rentals traditionally available through iTunes. This money is now being stored overseas, but Apple will have an opportunity to move the cash back to the United States without suffering extensive tax penalties. Apple has the money, it wants to get into the streaming game, and really there's no better position to be in, right now, than to be the owner of Netflix in terms of streaming media.