Instagram is changing your feed again, this time with 'recommended' posts

Dec 31, 2017, 00:50
Instagram is changing your feed again, this time with 'recommended' posts

It means users scrolling through their home feed will now no longer only see posts from accounts they directly follow alongside the ads.

It's seems to be like a combination of the "Following" section and the "Search and Explore" section, both of which are methods of finding photos and videos from accounts you don't follow.

The new feature, which is labeled to distinguish it from your home feed, will contain three to five suggested posts, TechCrunch reports. Unfortunately, this would need to be done for each individual "Recommended for You" post that appears in your feed.

"These posts are suggested based on posts liked by accounts you follow", Instagram explains on its support pages, adding that you can choose to hide the recommended posts if you feel they somehow upset the serenity of your carefully curated feed. But under the new system the posts will show up in normal feed.

Meanwhile, some Instagram users have taken to Twitter to complain about the new section. The new feature has gone live quietly but it's not really the first time that Instagram is toying with the idea. Sharing a unique coupon code or special promotion offer on Instagram can also be very helpful.

Instagram has launched one of the biggest changes yet to its feed. "You can choose to temporarily hide Recommended for You posts".

Instagarm recently announced a feature where users can follow hashtags of their choice. Besides, the recommended posts will only appear once you have viewed all the stories on your timeline. It will display posts of users that you follow, who have liked a certain post. You can make unique hashtags while conducting these contests and events and those hashtags will keep all the contributions in one place. These posts are shown as "Recommended for You" in between the feed. You can't permanently opt out of seeing the section, only instead disabling it for a little while before it returns with more unsolicited content.