Dip time: Browns coach backs up promise to jump in Lake Erie

Dec 30, 2017, 00:58
Dip time: Browns coach backs up promise to jump in Lake Erie

The Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson said he plans to jump in Lake Erie this offseason after the Browns second consecutive 15-loss season.

"How many people are jumping in the lake with me?"

Haslam said he believed Jackson and new general manager John Dorsey would work well together.

Well, it did happen; the Browns are now 0-15, with one final game left Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, so the best they can do is 1-15. If Cleveland loses, it will become the second National Football League team to go 0-16 in a season, matching the 2008 Detroit Lions.

"When? That's going to be at my convenience", Jackson said, adding he hoped to attract people to watch what he wants to be a fundraiser for his charity foundation.

But still, it's remarkable that he set such a low bar with this promise, guaranteeing only "We're not going 1-15" (which could still be true if they finish 0-16), and that the Browns couldn't clear that. But the coach said he would keep his word regardless of Sunday's result. "I get it. I can pick a day and get everyone out there, we'll all be in swimsuits and trunks and snorkels and all that". The forecast today in Cleveland calls for snow showers and a high of 18 degrees.

"I made a statement and I have to back it up", Jackson said. "It'd be something that we're going to make special".

"I don't like it".

"I don't like it, don't like to do it for the reason why I'm having to do it, but I have to make do on my word", Jackson said. I just think that's what you do.

Money raised for the event would go toward The Hue Jackson Foundation, which was created to fight human trafficking in Cleveland.

Even though the record won't be 1-15, Jackson said it's the principle of the promise that must be upheld.