Donald Trump takes aim at Federal Bureau of Investigation deputy director Andrew McCabe

Dec 27, 2017, 00:51
Donald Trump takes aim at Federal Bureau of Investigation deputy director Andrew McCabe

According to the Post, McCabe plans to retire once he becomes eligible for a full pension in March.

The 49-year-old CT native first came under fire from the President's associates last October after it was revealed that then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe had donated $467,500 to his wife Jill McCabe's Democratic bid for the state's Senate.

Mr McCabe spent hours behind closed doors on Capitol Hill this week being grilled by politicians on two separate committees, as part of a new investigation of the FBI and its 2016 inquiry into Clinton's email practices when she was Secretary of State.

That investigation, which remains ongoing, has so far not produced a thread of evidence suggesting that McCabe was compromised by the donations to his wife's Senate campaign.

The president also highlighted a news report from Fox News on Sunday, noting that McCabe allegedly used his Federal Bureau of Investigation email to promote his wife's campaign.

McCabe (r.) accompanied by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

. It is being reported that McCabe confirmed he was told by Comey that Trump demanded a loyalty pledge from the ex-FBI chief.

"He ought to be replaced", Iowa Sen.

The letters come as Mueller's team is facing heightened scrutiny in recent weeks following reports that two FBI officials who would later be assigned to the special counsel's investigation called Trump an "idiot" and "loathsome human" in a series of text messages previous year.

His detractors see Mr. McCabe as an ambitious creature of Washington who did not spend enough time as an agent working with informants and making cases. "His only motivation is to support and defend the Constitution".

For this holiday, Donald Trump may be spreading anything but Christmas cheer for FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe. Mr. McCabe was deputy director when the F.B.I. opened the investigation in July 2016.

"Normally, someone being investigated for obstruction of justice who intimidates and threatens three key witnesses against him (here Comey, McCabe and Baker) risks additional witness tampering charges", Eisen wrote.

McCabe subsequently stood up to Trump, telling the Senate Intelligence Committee that the investigation into Russian election meddling is "highly significant". You obviously can not do this.

But Trump's tweets could have an even bigger impact than damaging McCabe's reputation.