Catalan separatists win majority in snap elections

Dec 24, 2017, 00:50
Catalan separatists win majority in snap elections

With almost all the votes counted the pro-independence parties Together for Catalonia (JxCat) Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) and Popular Unity (CUP) were on course to win a total of 70 seats giving them a majority in the new parliament. They and a third party secured a majority in the regional Parliament.

It has also bitterly divided Catalan society between those who support independence and those who favour unity with Spain.

The leader of one separatist party, Oriol Junqueras, was in solitary confinement in a Spanish prison when he was re-elected.

"Forget about the judges and try to do the best for Catalonia and Spain".

"I offer Catalonia this because we care about the people" he said. We are very anxious about Catalonia's social and economic future with a possible pro-independence majority in the Parliament.

But the reality is it's very hard to see how Ms Arrimadas has any realistic chance of forming a government when the numbers are stacked against her - however narrowly.

Dowling said that with the independence vote not reaching over half of the ballots cast, the European Union was not likely to get involved although the bloc will be keen on seeing the Spanish government actively address Catalonia's grievances.

And here is a further layer of complexity, in case this didn't seem complicated enough.

In response to the election results ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, who is living in exile in Belgium, called for talks outside of Spain with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The revelation comes on the same day that the whole of Catalonia descends on polling stations for an official snap election which could finally bring an end to the independence crisis in the area.

The other question mark is cast over whether or not Spain, which imposed direct rule on the region after the government declared independence, will return the power to the separatist government.

He is the man who would presumably have claimed a share of the victory if unionists here had won and on that basis, his is the defeat.