Gas Prices Continue to Dip — AAA Survey

Dec 20, 2017, 01:18
Gas Prices Continue to Dip — AAA Survey

Cars wait for a tanker to fill up gas station tanks in September after Hurricane Harvey knocked out more than 20 percent of USA refining capacity.

Drivers may be able save some money at the pumps this holiday season. According to a weekly retail market report from AAA, that means the price at the pump should continue to slide as the holidays approach.

Meanwhile in South Florida, prices under $2.30 can be commonly found in competitive areas, including in Lake Worth along Lake Worth Road, Military Trail, Congress Avenue and 10th Avenue North, a check of the price-comparison website revealed. The national average has gone up 18.4 cents since previous year and is also down 11.9 cents since last month.'s latest report over the weekend said the average price for a gallon of unleaded in IN is two dollars and 48 cents. That's an increase of 26 cents.

It's not all bad.

GasBuddy says prices in Bedford are averaging $2.33 to $2.35 a gallon and $2.48 to $2.49 a gallon in Bloomington, with prices staying steady at $2.32 in Mitchell.

Gas prices are at their lowest price in more than 100 days, but only less expensive in relative terms.

A decline in gasoline demand during the winter months means US motorists should see gas prices inch lower, but only relatively speaking, market reports find. Harvey sent ripple effects throughout the energy industry and sparked gas shortages in Texas for weeks.

AAA Northeast said in Rhode Island, gas prices dropped four cents per gallon, while in MA, the prices dropped three cents per gallon. Florida gas prices are 13 cents less than a month ago, but 6 cents more than this time past year, AAA reported.

That's two cents more expensive than last week, but almost 20 cents cheaper than last month.

"We haven't heard any predictions, any emails or predictions that they (will be) higher or anything", she said.