MI weather today: Last really warm day for a long time

Dec 06, 2017, 00:37
MI weather today: Last really warm day for a long time

Right now we are tracking a couple strong cold fronts across the Plains.

Clouds will remain rather thick most of the day as southerly winds on the order of 10 to 20 miles per hour surge temperatures into the upper 70s this afternoon and bring the chance of a passing shower.

A few areas of light snow are also possible in the mountains as the cold air moves in early Wednesday morning.

More importantly, a cold front is going to usher in much colder weather, putting an abrupt end to the prolonged period of mild weather that those in the Parkland have enjoyed in recent weeks.

Thursday will be sunny, with a high in the low 40s, and the low Thursday night will be in the mid-20s. I'm still expecting sweater weather in the morning but it won't be almost as chilly as previous mornings. The best chance for accumulating snow looks to be Thursday and Friday. An unseasonable cold air mass was in place and a weak upper-level disturbance approached the area from the northwest.

Warm Tuesday, but wet snow possible late this week

As the day progresses, snow will be become more widespread with blizzards in northern England, northern Ireland and Scotland by 3pm, models show. "It will be very cold and get progressively colder coming into Friday", he warned.

So as you can see, the temperature is crucial as to what falls from the sky, with even half a degree making a huge difference.

The coldest night of 2017 so far was January 30 when Braemar, Aberdeenshire, fell as low as -10.1C (13.8F).

The warm temperatures won't last long however. Sunny spells will be interspersed with showers of rain, sleet and snow. Overnight the low could fall to 40 degrees.

But things will begin to get more interesting - and challenging for forecasters - on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.