Georgia, Alabama make four-team playoff

Dec 04, 2017, 00:38
Georgia, Alabama make four-team playoff

For the first time, two teams from the same conference - Alabama and Georgia from the SEC - are among the final four teams. That's due to Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma and Wisconsin taking No. 1, 2, 3 and 4, respectively, entering Saturday's action.

Alabama and Clemson have collided in each of the past two national title games, splitting those matchups, while Georgia and Oklahoma have never met.

Alabama opened as a one-point favorite against Clemson in Las Vegas despite making the playoff as the No. 4 overall seed.

The Buckeyes (11-2) held on to beat Wisconsin 27-21 in the Big Ten championship game, but it was not enough. "You got to look at the total body of work that the team did for the entire season, and I would say that if we lost to a team in our conference that was not ranked by 30 points, that you wouldn't be having this conversation".

OSU finished with a record of 11-2.

The final College Football Playoff rankings were released on Sunday morning following the completion of the conference championships and three conference champions made the final four, Alabama was added to the playoff while Big Ten Champion Ohio State was excluded. Ohio State won the Big Ten while Alabama did not even win its Southeastern Conference division.

Ohio State can only blame itself for missing this year's College Football Playoff: Two losses - especially an ugly one to unranked Iowa - knocked the Buckeyes out of contention.

The Ohio State University did not make the College Football Playoff.

"As we saw Alabama play week in and week in out, the selection committee believed Alabama was the better football team", Hocutt told ESPN. "And I think that that consideration based on the kind of team they had then is very important".

The Tide's inclusion into the playoff means we get a third-straight playoff matchup between Alabama and Clemson. "Three against the top 16 teams in America", Meyer told ESPN. Favoring a one-loss team without any substantial wins costs the fans more than it even costs the Buckeyes in the long term. Oklahoma makes the playoff for the second time, its first appearance since 2015.