Trump On Flynn Deal: 'There Has Been Absolutely No Collusion'

Dec 03, 2017, 00:38
Trump On Flynn Deal: 'There Has Been Absolutely No Collusion'

He may think changing the subject from Flynn's crimes - and bombshell reporting that Flynn plans to testify against Trump - to the GOP tax scam will be good for him, but the American people see through that, too. But, given Strzok's role in this investigation as well as others, it more likely will only increase speculation that the FBI is not acting honestly.

Brushing aside an ongoing Russian Federation probe, President Donald Trump reveled Saturday in the Senate's passage of a sweeping tax bill, predicting with swagger that he and his fellow Republicans were "unbeatable".

Immediately Twitter users across the board pointed to the tweet as "Exhibit A" of an obstruction of justice charge Robert Mueller should use to charge Trump during his Russian Federation collusion probe.

A veteran Federal Bureau of Investigation counterintelligence agent was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team investigating Russian election meddling after the discovery of an exchange of anti-Trump text messages, a person familiar with the matter said Saturday.

Flynn was charged on Thursday with one count of lying about his private discussions with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, regarding United States sanctions being imposed on Moscow by the government of then president Barack Obama.

A day after Flynn resigned on February 13, Trump approached former FBI director James Comey and asked him to drop the federal investigation into Flynn, Comey testified before Congress. "I hope you can let this go", Trump said to Comey, according to Comey's memo on the conversation. The matter came up during a review that the Justice Department launched into the FBI's decision to announce an inquiry into Clinton's emails shortly before the November presidential election. Though White House officials including Pence had stated publicly that Flynn had not discussed sanctions with Kislyak, Yates has said she advised McGahn that there were factual problems with that account.

"Immediately upon learning of the allegations, the Special Counsel's Office removed Peter Strzok from the investigation", Special Counsel's Office spokesperson Peter Carr told BuzzFeed News.

Trump said he was not concerned about Flynn earlier Saturday.

But a former Obama administration Justice Department official, Matthew Miller, said Mr Trump's tweeted response may have "admitted to obstruction of justice". At about 2 a.m., Mr. Strzok wrote an email to Mr. Comey and scheduled it to send at 6 a.m.

"No, I'm not", Trump said when asked if he was anxious about what Michael Flynn will tell investigators.