Seminole Heights murder suspect to make first court appearance

Dec 01, 2017, 01:32
Seminole Heights murder suspect to make first court appearance

Dugan said while Donaldson was polite, he was tight lipped about the details surrounding the killing spree that took place between October 9 and November 14.

The crack in the case came Tuesday when Howell Emanuel Donaldson, 24, brought a bag with a loaded handgun in it to his job at a McDonald's and asked a co-worker to hold it while he went across the street, authorities said.

"As our investigation continued into the early hours of this morning, we were then able to gather the probably cause and charge Howell Donaldson with four counts of first-degree murder", said Dugan.

Donaldson was cooperative when he spoke with police and admitted he owned the gun, but never offered a motive. The manager noticed the gun-a.40 Smith and Wesson-and alerted a nearby police officer who eventually arrested Donaldson. Donaldson reportedly told the coworker he was leaving the state, and the coworker gave the gun to a police officer working on paperwork in the restaurant at the time. Donaldson attended St. John's University in Queens, graduating in January.

Detective Austin Hill wrote in a police report that Donaldson told investigators "no one, except for himself had control of the Glock firearm since his purchase".

The officer called the operations center, and police determined it was the same gun used in the four murders. "Today the light shines".

The first shooting occurred 51 days ago, putting the neighborhood on edge. "This community begins the healing process".

He's accused in the murders of Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Hoffa, Anthony Naiboa and Ronald Felton who were shot within a half mile of each other. More than 5,000 tips were sent to police during the almost two-month search for the suspected killer, who was apparently hiding in plain sight the entire time.

The four killings happened within a month, all of the victims were alone when they were shot.