Philando Castile's girlfriend reaches $800000 settlement after fatal police shooting in Minnesota

Nov 30, 2017, 12:39
Philando Castile's girlfriend reaches $800000 settlement after fatal police shooting in Minnesota

Reynolds and her daughter were riding in the vehicle with Philando Castile on July 6th, 2016, when he was pulled over by police and shot to death after volunteering that he was legally carrying a gun.

The St. Anthony City Council on Tuesday night approved a settlement of $675,000 and disclosed an additional $125,000 settlement reached on behalf of the city of Roseville.

His Oldsmobile was pulled over on July 6, 2016, in Falcon Heights, a suburb not far from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Diamond Reynolds live-streamed Philando Castile's fatal shooting on Facebook in July 2016. Almost a year after Castile's death, Yanez was acquitted on all counts.

Neither Reynolds nor her daughter was injured, but Reynolds was detained for a time by Roseville police and questioned by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Yanez made the traffic stop after noticing Castile's broken brake light, but he later said Castile matched the description of a robbery suspect.

Reynolds famously filmed the cafeteria worker moments after he was fatally shot by a police officer.


"While no amount of money can change what happened, bring Philando back, or erase the pain that my daughter and I continue to suffer, I do hope that closing this chapter will allow us to get our lives back and move forward", Ms. Reynolds said in a statement.

Photo A protest in St. Paul previous year against the fatal police shooting of Mr. Castile. Yanez fired into the auto, striking Castile, and said afterward that he believed Castile was reaching for his gun. Later, when a frustrated Reynolds yelled while having an issue with her phone, the 4-year-old tried to console her.

This agreement "resolves all civil litigation" stemming from Castile's death and its aftermath "and opens the door to continued healing within our community", Jerry Faust, the mayor of St. Anthony, said in the statement. A jury acquitted him in June and the city of St. Anthony settled with Castile's mother later that month for $3 million.