'Access Hollywood' responds to report Donald Trump said infamous tape was fake

Nov 29, 2017, 00:38
'Access Hollywood' responds to report Donald Trump said infamous tape was fake

"According to the New York Times, President Trump told two people that the Access Hollywood bus tape, the one where he bragged about grabbing women by the you know what, is fake".

"We wanted to clear something up that has been reported across the media landscape", Access Hollywood host Natalie Morales said during the show on Monday. Shortly after the tape was made public, Trump apologized and said it was locker-room talk. Trump made the same suggestion to an adviser recently, per the New York Times. On Monday night, Times reporter Maggie Haberman told CNN that a third person "close to Trump" had confirmed that the president expressed doubts about the tape's veracity, saying, "he's not certain it's his voice". In one of the most WTF moments of the year, he's reportedly contradicted himself.

In a video posted to his social media accounts later that night, Trump said, "Anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who I am".

The report says Trump sees the Moore allegations as an echo of his own battles with accusers who came forward after the tape emerged, in which Trump boasted about grabbing women's private parts. When CNN's Anderson Cooper pressed Trump on whether he "understood" that what he said was an admission of sexual assault, Trump pushed back, dismissing his comments as "locker room talk".

"No", answered Sanders. "Like I just said, the president hasn't changed his position".

S. senator, and an aide that the Access Hollywood video was "not authentic".

"When a group of senators gathered with the president in the White House last week to discuss the tax overhaul, it took little to get Mr. Trump onto the topic of Mr. Moore - and he immediately offered up the same it-was-40-years-ago defense, according to officials at the meeting". Trump said Jones would be "bad" for the senate because he is soft on crime. I apologize to my family. "This was locker room talk". Certainly I'm not proud of it.

"I think it is way more troubling than it is getting credit for", Cuomo said of NYT's report on Trump's so-far private denials of the tape's authenticity. "People appreciate. honesty. I really would hope that someone in such a high position could teach us a few things, which would be respect, honor, trust".