Microsoft Office arrives on Chromebooks via Google Play Store

Nov 28, 2017, 00:28
Microsoft Office arrives on Chromebooks via Google Play Store

Last year, Google announced that it would be bringing Android apps to ChromeOS in order to make their laptops and hybrids more versatile. The only device that seems to consistently have access to working Office apps was Google's own Pixelbook.

Our strategy has not changed. Following comments online that Microsoft Office was available on all Chromebooks with Google Play support, Chrome Unboxed has investigated the situation, confirming that it can be installed on a whole bunch of devices.

After a long wait time, Microsoft's Office apps are now finally available on all Chromebooks - though it'll be useless if you have a larger Chromebook. For those who have avoided Chromebooks because Google Drive was the best or only option, this is a big addition.

The experience is of course not as good as full desktop office on windows 10, but certainly, for K-12 level it should be more than good enough. The arrival of Office is partly thanks to the appearance of the Play Store on Chromebooks.

However now, Chrome Unboxed has confirmed it is able to install the Office Suite apps on all the devices it checked. An Office 365 subscription is also another requirement, otherwise, you won't be able to get your hands on these apps. More details about what features the subscription unlocks can be found here.

There is a caveat, however, as Microsoft's Office is only available for free on Chromebooks with displays up to 10.1inches.

Microsoft apps are quite popular as they get many downloads from the Google Play Store.

Despite this relentless growth, one thing that has been missing from the Chrome OS ecosystem is the support for Microsoft Office. Along with the manufacturers, Chromebook users would also be happy with the apps even if they were satisfied with G Suite. The same rule applies to the iPad Pro.