Youth Cong's meme on PM's 'chaiwala' past kicks up storm

Nov 24, 2017, 00:40
Youth Cong's meme on PM's 'chaiwala' past kicks up storm

The meme, posted on the official Twitter handle of the Youth Congress online magazine Yuva Desh, contained a photograph of PM Modi, his United Kingdom counterpart Theresa May and US President Donald Trump. The meme has a caricature where PM Modi is standing with US President Donald Trump and United Kingdom leader Theresa May.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani criticised the Congress party on Wednesday for the derogatory meme, put out by a Congress-linked magazine, on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi is seen telling the two leaders about the opposition's memes targeting him. Trump corrects him, saying the word is pronounced as "meem" - "usse maimai nahin, meem kehte hain".

The word clouds indicating a conversation between the three leaders showed UK PM Theresa May yelling at PM Modi, "You go and sell tea".

Small wonder, if there is a hidden design among the Congress stalwarts who claim credentials of Harvard, Cambridge education and of royal lineage to make Rahul Gandhi The Bahadur Shah Zafar of Moghul empire!

In view of a massive outrage over its controversial meme, Yuva Desh later deleted the "chaiwala" meme after Amarinder Singh Raja, the National President of the Indian Youth Congress, said that his organisation did not approve of such humour.

The Union Minister also slammed Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav for his "don't advertise for the donkeys of Gujarat" comments.

He later tweeted, "despite political differences with the BJP & having suffered everyday abuse from their leaders, we respect the Prime Minister & all political opponents".

"Madam Sonia Gandhi and Mr Rahul Gandhi do u still believe that only u have a divine right to rule India? Congress has not only insulted PM but also 6 crore Gujaratis and 1.25 billion Indians", Patra said. "You can delete the Tweet but your thinking towards the poor stands exposed", Ravi Shankar Prasad said in a series of tweets.