Students May Have Worked Overtime Illegally To Assemble iPhone X

Nov 24, 2017, 00:57
Students May Have Worked Overtime Illegally To Assemble iPhone X

Foxconn which runs the internship program that involved the six Chinese interns told BBC News that immediate action had been taken to ensure that the students no longer work overtime. "When we found that some students were allowed to work overtime, we took prompt action".

One student reportedly assembled up to 1,200 iPhone X cameras a day. "Underage workers often enter the factories as student "interns" required to work at the factories by vocational schools". "A team of specialists are on site at the facility working with the management on systems to ensure the appropriate standards are adhered to".

The statement follows confirmation by Apple that students aged 17-19 were allowed to work more than 40 hours per week despite this being in breach of both the law and the company's own policies ...

It comes after the Financial Times reported Tuesday that six high school students in Henan province would work 11-hour shifts to manufacture Apple's iPhone X. She added: "The work has nothing to do with our studies".

Apple has hit more than one snag in the production of its recently launched iPhone X. Despite that framing, the Times report doesn't establish a clear or direct connection between these events.

This isn't the first time Apple has been under fire for the working conditions of its suppliers. Back in 2012, reports of riots, suicides and poor working conditions at Foxconn factories came to light, forcing Apple to ask the Fair Labor Association to step in and inspect factory conditions. Students are classed as interns, making their overtime hours illegal under Chinese law, the Financial Times said.

We required the supplier to provide safe passage home for the underage worker and to continue paying their wages while also providing an educational opportunity. "All three Pegatron factories require workers to do overtime, especially during busy seasons", the report stated, in response to Apple's claims then that overtime work was voluntary.

Compared to past infractions, the overtime issue might seem relatively minor, but Apple and Foxconn are under intense scrutiny due to prior problems.