Net Neutrality Affects You - Here's How

Nov 23, 2017, 00:31
Net Neutrality Affects You - Here's How

Telecom and cable companies have long argued that the FCC's attempts to regulate privacy and Internet behavior put them on an unequal footing with other Internet companies that collect data on users, like Google and Netflix, which are only overseen by the FTC.

Net neutrality is the principle that internet providers treat all web traffic equally, and it's pretty much how the internet has worked since its creation. In the next week or so, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is going to recommend a complete repeal of both the Title II classification and net neutrality, making it easier for giant providers in this area to revert back to "red-lining" practices. Verizon released a statement in favor of the "light-touch regulatory framework for Internet services" that the proposal offers. Critics say it will allow ISPs to give preferential treatment to particular sites and apps, and to their own digital content. ISPs, they say, could block access to sites and cap and throttle network speeds by segregating the Internet into fast and slow lanes, slow down competitors' content, block unfavourable political opinions, and charge consumers extra for a faster Net experience.

"Additionally, as a result of my proposal, the Federal Trade Commission will once again be able to police ISPs, protect consumers, and promote competition, just as it did before 2015".

The Federal Communications Commission is a government agency, overseen by Congress. He said that the FCC has refused multiple requests for key evidence in its sole possession. But today the FCC has threatened to end the internet as we know it. Pai's draft ruling will be voted on at the FCC's Open Meeting on December 14 - and will nearly certainly be cleared, given that there are three Republican and two Democratic commissioners on the Commission, who are widely expected to vote along party lines.

Russian hackers are using New Yorkers' stolen identities to get net neutrality repealed - and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the feds are refusing to cooperate with investigations into the fraud.

Following the circulation of Pai's draft order, his fellow Commissioners released separate statements regarding the matter.

The five-member FCC has a Republican majority, including Pai, suggesting that his plan - called "The Restoring Internet Freedom Order" - will pass.

The outcry over net neutrality overshadowed another major FCC proposal on Tuesday.

Schneiderman said that numerous fake comments made were meant to invalidate the views of real people on the issue of net neutrality and unlawfully used personal information of real people in their efforts.

The ACLU also issued a statement opposing Pai's plan. Now, in a report via the Guardian, they have formally revealed their plans.

The FCC voted to begin the process to repeal net neutrality in May.

Pai says the Obama-era FCC had "finally met the enemy, and the enemy was giving something that consumers wanted for free".

Diagram explaining net neutrality.

This month, the FCC also voted to begin scaling back a federal program meant to help low-income USA households get access to the internet.

A federal appeals court upheld the rules in 2016 after broadband providers sued.