EA buys Titanfall dev Respawn Entertainment for as much as $455M

Nov 12, 2017, 01:54
EA buys Titanfall dev Respawn Entertainment for as much as $455M

They then went on to create Respawn Entertainment together, and the series Titanfall: published by Electronic Arts (EA), it took numerous design choices of a modern Call of Duty game, and added some flair in the form of giant robots. Respawn's total compensation includes $151 million in cash, up to $164 million in stock options, and up to $140 million based on "achievement of certain performance milestones, relating to the development of future titles". The developer has already worked with EA on numerous occasions and, together with the new Titanfall game, is also now working on an unnamed third-person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. Given the reported commercial underperformance of Titanfall 2 a year ago, despite widespread critical success, the buyout may have been necessary to ensure the continued survival of the studio.

Respawn Entertainment was initially founded by former Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West in 2010. Still, Respawn are a very talented bunch of developers, and if they can push against EA' practices as much as they can, they could come out of this okay.

According to various documents, EA outbid the South Korean publisher Nexon, which publishes the Titanfall mobile game and had also made an offer to buy Respawn.

"We felt that now was the time to join an industry leader that brings the resources and support we need for long term success, while still keeping our culture and creative freedom". On the deal, he said 'While it wasn't necessary, going with EA made a lot of sense.

The acquisition of Respawn could set EA back in excess of $400 million.

"EA will provide us with more resources, access to new technologies, and expertise in areas that Respawn values for future growth". Respawn is a bit of a titan itself in the game development arena, and here is hoping it does not fall. Respawn announced its work on an additional, unnamed VR game at Oculus Connect 4 last month; the EA statement says that project will continue apace, as well.