Next-gen console coming in 2019, Ubisoft thinks

Nov 10, 2017, 01:05
Next-gen console coming in 2019, Ubisoft thinks

Of course, Microsoft has answers. Microsoft has never heard of a supply problem in the hardware business. You can read an angry tweet from an unsatisfied customer below. "That's true if you have a 4K TV or are yet to upgrade".

To get the full benefit of those features fans will have to fork out £450 and invest in an Ultra HD television too. Underlying all of those changes, including the increased resolution, is a whole series of components that mean that the console is more powerful than any ever made. They all looked good, and when we fired up older titles like Hitman and the Halo Collection, we were pleasantly surprised by how smoothly they ran. Players fight on as Marcus Fenix, the grizzled war hero and leader of Delta Squad. A faster way to get a new console would be to take it back to the retailer you purchased it at.

It seems a lot of the stock issues are primarily surrounding the 'Scorpio Edition', a limited edition version of the Xbox One X sporting its in-development codename. This isn't Nintendo, after all - it's Microsoft.

With the launch of the Xbox One X, an officially licensed stand has surfaced on Amazon, from gaming accessory manufacturer PowerA. If your main concerns are HDR support and 4K video playback, Microsoft has an option that's significantly less expensive.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways of finding out if one of your favourite games has been enhanced for Xbox One X. But I've been floored by plenty of games on the PS4 Pro, like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Also in Settings - Display & Sound - Advanced Video Settings, you'll want to check on the details. "That happened about the time we started talking about the Xbox One X", he said, making clear that the X was aimed as a 4K console right from the start.

Assuming you have external storage formatted properly, as outlined in step one above, your next step is to copy each game individually. This can be done in Settings, System, and then 'Backup & Transfer'.

The other two pillars were a little more subtle: compatibility and craftsmanship.

"One 4K console. Five exclusive adventures. As such, Microsoft's games business-related revenue is expected to increase year-on-year in Q4 2017".

Xbox One X is sold wherever Xbox One S is sold, and wherever Xbox One was sold before that. "Obviously for us, the console is an important part there. but connecting to gamers wherever they are is the vision of Microsoft around what we're doing in gaming".