Two children, 8, dead after vehicle crashes through wall of school

Nov 08, 2017, 00:26
Two children, 8, dead after vehicle crashes through wall of school

A FATHER who helped lift a vehicle off a boy after its fatal crash into a primary school has described the heartbreaking moment.

There were 30 children inside the classroom at the time, participating in their morning Arabic class, according to 9 News.

A further seven children were injured in the incident at Banksia Road Public School, with five children hospitalised.

Two children have been transported to Westmead Hospital.

The tragedy occurred at the Banksia Road Public School when the auto smashed into a wooden classroom building not long after lessons started.

A community is in shock after a 52-year-old woman crashed her 4WD into a Greenacre primary school in southwest Sydney.

Three injured girls also remain in hospital after what ambulance officers described as a "horrific incident" that left a "scene of carnage".

"(Students) were screaming, saying they wanted their mum, I want help", she said.

Year 4 student Mariam Issmail was in a nearby classroom when the SUV ploughed into the school.

Her lawyer has told the Daily Telegraph she was "deeply sorry for the loss and hurt suffered by the children, the school, the families and the community".

Most of the other 19 children in the classroom were assessed at the scene by paramedics.

She said: "There were a number of distressed and overwhelmed children and teachers at a scene of a disgusting accident".

She has reportedly asked for forgiveness, and police do not believe it was an intentional act.

Two ambulance chaplains were brought in to the school to support the victims.

"They were crying, they were distressed, some were asking for their parents", she said. "She wouldn't have got to see him before he died", he said.

Following news of the incident, parents rushed to the school to collect children and check on their safety.

The road has been blocked, but one parent of each child is being allowed to approach the school gate as police try to control crowds at the chaotic scene.