Thousands of workers set for pay rise

Nov 08, 2017, 00:32
Thousands of workers set for pay rise

An estimated 150,000 workers paid the voluntary living wage are set to see their pay increase by 30p an hour, or 45p in London.

The wage increase is above the Government's living wage, which is set at £7.50 for employees over the age of 25 years.

As it is calculated by the real cost of living, the "real" living wage is consistently higher in London than it is elsewhere in the United Kingdom - great news for anyone paying a grand a month for a cupboard in Zone 4.

Addressing household finances, Bagnall said that although less people were earning below the RLW, those at the bottom of the pay scale were feeling the "squeeze" due to increases in the cost of living and a decline in pay.

They are different to the government's compulsory National Living Wage, which is now set at £7.05 for under 25s and £7.50 an hour for over 25s.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, said he was delighted that the London living wage had risen above £10, but low pay and inequality remained problems in the capital.

As the fastest growing supermarket our business is continuing to go from strength to strength, and it's only right that we show our commitment to our colleagues in the same way that they commit to the business and our customers each and every day.

Hackney Council is signed up to the LLW, and Mayor Philip Glanville has previously urged all businesses in the borough to follow its lead.

Sadiq Khan added: "Paying the London Living Wage is not only the action of a responsible organisation, but a successful one too".

The supermarket has committed itself to an additional annual investment of over £3.5m in order to cover the cost of the rise.

The wage rise comes into effect from today, but employers will have their own "phase in period" for the change, according to the Living Wage Foundation.

"Many of the accredited employers I speak to tell me of the increased productivity and reduced staff turnover that they've experienced since signing up". "Nine out of ten accredited Living Wage employers report real benefits including improved retention, reputation, recruitment and staff motivation". You can check which companies are signed up on the Living Wage Foundation website.

Living Wage Week 2017 runs until 11 November, with events taking place across the UK.