Marriage brings great sex: Fifty Shades Freed

Nov 07, 2017, 00:22
Marriage brings great sex: Fifty Shades Freed

This trailer is about fifty shades hornier and, in fact, features six separate clips of the best this movie has to offer: Jamie Dornan with his shirt off.

But yes, Mr. and Mrs.

"Please stop speaking to my husband as if I weren't here", Anastasia says to Gia. (A nice juxtaposition to their lust-worthy European honeymoon.) Among the additional thrilling tidbits revealed in the trailer: Christian throwing punches, Ana getting a gun, a high-speed chase, and a new home for the couple. Grey is naked when Christian worships Ana's body. She's not just a blushing bride, she's Mrs.

Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters on February 9.

This splashy, sexy trailer is sure to whet the the appetites of fans who've made the film series based on the erotic fiction of E.L. James a global phenomenon. Now, the first full-length trailer has finally arrived, and though we didn't think it possible, we're even more intrigued.

Proving that marriage and a whole lot of BDSM doesn't protect people from the evil that's around, things go from incredible to disturbing as we see Jack Hyde (played by Eric Johnson) and Elena Lincoln (played by Kim Basinger) lurking in the shadows and terrorizing Ana in more ways than one.

Audi and the Fifty Shades franchise go way back: The books are full of references to the luxury vehicle brand, and when the movie adaptations came along, Audi made the partnership official.