South Africa chosen as preferred bid for Rugby World Cup 2023

Nov 01, 2017, 00:35
South Africa chosen as preferred bid for Rugby World Cup 2023

The government has insisted that the bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup is still winnable, despite the publication of a review which recommended South Africa.

South Africa, which also hosted the 1995 Rugby World Cup, promised a "triple win tournament" that would deliver "record receipts", a "bucket-list destination" and "the most athlete-centric event in the tournament's history".

Ireland has vowed to "compete to the final whistle", adding "nothing in the report is insurmountable".

This was supported throughout by stringent independent evaluation and analysis from The Sports Consultancy to ensure evidence-based objectivity and consistent application against a set of weighted scoring criteria based on the following World Rugby objectives, which were agreed by the Board, noted by Council and communicated to the host candidates.

Those eligible to vote are: Australia (3 votes), England (3), New Zealand (3), Scotland (3), Wales (3), Italy (3), Argentina (3), Canada (1), Japan (2), Georgia (1), Romania (1), US (1), Asia Rugby (2), Oceania Rugby (2), Rugby Africa (2), Rugby Americas North (2), Rugby Europe (2), South America Rugby (2).

None of the three candidates are allowed to vote, instead, 39 votes have been distributed among member unions of World Rugby.

French Rugby Federation president Bernard Laporte told a news conference that he was "surprised, shaken. a little bit shocked as well" with the outcome of the evaluation. Football, handball, rugby, France has shown for many years that it knows how to organize events.

The Irish bid scored badly on the heavily-weighted "venues and host cities" criteria, probably reflecting concerns over a shortage of hotel rooms.

"We absolutely believe Ireland can secure the tournament for 2023", he said. Durban was stripped of the games after being awarded them because of a lack of financial guarantees.

Derry had been named in the final 12 cities bidding to stage games in the 2023 World Cup.

All three teams presented their bids to a technical review committee in London last month, and answered any questions the committee had in response.

"We trust now that the World Rugby council will follow through by voting to confirm what the experts have identified, that a South African Rugby World Cup in 2023 is the best result for rugby", Roux said.