YouTuber says Apple engineer father fired for her viral iPhone video

Oct 31, 2017, 00:35
YouTuber says Apple engineer father fired for her viral iPhone video

In it, she said her father had been a "privileged engineer who had worked on the iPhone X", and did not expect the fallout from the video because of the range of hands-on videos posted online since Apple announced the device in September. How to setup Face ID on iPhone X?

Unaware of the Apple's policy, the young YouTube posted the video on her channel that went viral and jeopardized the father's job at Apple Inc.

Apple, however, did not make it clear whether supply for iPhone X will remain tight as predicted by market analysts.

Apple, which says demand for its signature gadget is "off the charts", began taking orders for the iPhone X last Friday and - within minutes - shipping times lengthened to as much as six weeks in the US. If you don't have AppleCare+, a screen replacement will run you $279; by comparison, an iPhone 8 screen replacement is just $169. A brief clip from the video appears to identify her father as Ken Bauer, described as an "RF guy" on a profile found in LinkedIn.

"Rules are in place for the happiness and safety of workers, and my dad take absolutely fully responsibility for the one rule that he broke".

Brooke also said that the incident did not leave them sour with Apple and said that they will continue to love and use the Apple products in the future. Peterson's video, on the other hand, contained both employee-only QR codes and written notes that seem to refer to codenamed future Apple products - things that would definitely never be okayed by Apple. The Apple engineer was reportedly fired by Apple. Customarily, Apple dispatches off new iPhones to choose commentators and productions and puts the subsequent surveys under a ban that doesn't lift until the point that the Wednesday before it goes at a bargain.

Seeing as the iPhone X has no home button, switching apps requires a whole new technique which involves swiping across the screen in an arc shape. The new face scan feature for unlocking the iPhone X may offer added convenience and security for iPhone users.