Why Google CEO is dropping everything over burger debacle

Oct 31, 2017, 00:37
Why Google CEO is dropping everything over burger debacle

This latest emoji-related controversy might seem silly, but it was apparently disruptive enough that Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself had to step in and address the matter.

GOOGLE'S CEO IS TACKLING what may turn out to be one of the biggest business problems he will ever face in his life.

Now, people across the internet are asking, "What's the correct way to dress a burger?"

Good luck to any Android users who try arguing that Google is superior: It can't even put ingredients on a burger properly, to say nothing of solving device fragmentation.

With that established, Google's cheeseburger emoji is all kinds of wrong.

He later said how his tweet, after Pichai's retweet and reply, had attracted 4.3 million impressions and had been interacted with over 1.2 million times in 48 hours.

Google Chief was driven into this debate when a tweet from Thomas Baekdal, Founder of Baekdal Media, sought a Twitter discussion on how the placement of cheese in the "burger emoji" differed on Google and another IT giant Apple. According to Emojipedia, - an online emoji database - Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Facebook and other platforms using the animated symbols all acknowledge that the cheese needs to be on top of the meat to attain peak melting. However, he adds, this would add a step of melting the cheese in broiler because the residual heat from the burger would not melt it. "Bottom, tomato, cheese, meat, lettuce, top bun". Therefore, the proper way to stack a cheeseburger is as follows (from top to bottom): bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, patty, bun.

Google is the odd emoji out. All of them have the cheese slice placed above the patty, unlike Google.