Microsoft relases Xbox One Fall Update with cool features

Oct 19, 2017, 00:13
Microsoft relases Xbox One Fall Update with cool features

Mouse support could be part of the next big Xbox update, slated for the coming weeks. This update is the most important in the history of this game ever developed as per its makers.

With this new update, the Home Screen is changed with the introduction of content "blocks". Completing one gameplay and then continuing the next adventure on your mobile is truly a great addition to it.

Players also have the option to have 40 pins.

The Guide has also changed for Xbox One gamers, as Microsoft has returned it to a horizontal layout. Perhaps you're better off updating it on your Android or iOS.

Easily discover new things, such as friend activities, leaderboards, LFG posts, tips, quick links to Game Hubs, across both your console and Xbox Live at the top of Home. They can also find some Game invites in the Multiplayer tab of the Guide.

Which OG Xbox game would you most like to play on your Xbox 360?

Microsoft has been gradually improving the Xbox One dashboard to make the experience as fluid and simple as possible. The new dashboard allows an easy transfer of games to external drives, home network or another console.

There's even a hidden speed boost available to owners of the Xbox One with Kinect. Pins - the ability to add tiles of games and apps to your homepage - have been around for a long time, but I've never bothered to use them until now.

The Fall Update just shipped for everyone but Microsoft is continually updating the system with new features that go out to members of the Xbox Insider Program. Getting to the content you want should be easier now, and involved less fiddling around in menus that first need to be found on the previously messy dash.

Microsoft has rolled out this year's Xbox One Fall Update, providing gamers with more ways of customizing their console.

Of course, Microsoft wouldn't do all of this without a new light theme for the dashboard. The Xbox One S is capable of streaming in 4K, and the included HDMI cable does support 4K, so if you are looking for a gaming console and something to stream 4K content, this is definitely a good one to pick up - the PlayStation 4 Pro does also do 4K.