Fire Prevention Week Continues with Know 2 Ways Out

Oct 12, 2017, 00:28
Fire Prevention Week Continues with Know 2 Ways Out

The state Fire Marshal's Office is joining with agencies, safety advocates and the National Fire Protection Association for the week, October 8-14.

Did you know there are about 360,000 home fires every year leading to roughly 2,200 deaths?

Firefighters will be visiting Ocean City Elementary School on Wednesday to promote fire safety and fire prevention.

The theme of this year's National Fire Prevention Week - "Every second counts: plan two ways out" - reinforces the importance of having a fire escape plan. Visitors can watch other equipment demonstrations, and children can also get temporary tattoos and make public safety-related buttons, he said. In a fire situation, when the smoke alarm sounds, a practiced home escape plan ensures that everyone knows how to use the precious minutes wisely. It is also important to designate a meeting spot that is at least 100 feet from the home where the household members can meet in case of a fire.

A lader truck from the Glassboro Fire Department sits at the scene of a house fire on Monday.

Firefighters say if a home has infants or anyone with mobility limitations, assign someone to assist them during a fire.

"There is no time to plan your escape after a fire starts".

As we head into the winter months there are some things you can do to help protect your home from fires. "Make sure you have working smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside all sleeping areas".

"You can teach them how to get out of a window; you can teach them how to go under the door crawl under the smoke". Newer homes are built with lightweight materials that burn faster than older home constructions. Reliable, properly placed smoke detectors are vital to keeping your family safe. In short, home fires present a real risk that residents need to take seriously. "Siemens is on the cutting edge of developing these safety products that provide critical safeguards from fires across residential, commercial, and industrial settings and we are thrilled to partner with them again on this essential campaign".