Amazon's new Kindle Oasis offers IPX8 waterproofing and Audible support

Oct 12, 2017, 00:33
Amazon's new Kindle Oasis offers IPX8 waterproofing and Audible support

And when your battery does eventually run low, Amazon says that fast-charging capabilities allow the Oasis to go from a 0 percent charge to a full charge in less than two hours.

Amazon devices boss Dave Limp said: 'Ten years ago, we introduced our first Kindle with the mission of delivering any book ever written in 60 seconds or less.

The upgraded Oasis boasts a 7-inch illuminated screen, a long-life battery that can take on a full charge in less than two hours, and IPX8-level waterproofing that's created to protect the device even if it's dunked in a bathtub or a lake.

Amazon described the Oasis as "thin and light with dedicated page turn buttons and adaptive front light so you can read even more comfortably for hours". In 2009, The New York Times asked Amazon CEO Bezos about the difficulty of reading a Kindle in the bath. More appealing to my eyes are the water-safe fabric covers, though, in tactile Indigo, Sandstone, or charcoal. There are three leather options, each of which cling to the back of the ereader magnetically and fold into a stand: they're offered in Midnight, Saddle Tan, or Merlot.

The new Kindle Oasis comes with a heavy price tag, of course. After all, who doesn't like reading a good book on the poolside? It is available for pre-order in the country already, and you can pre-order it from here.

Amazon Announces Kindle Oasis Water-proof e-Reader

The new Oasis' design is similar to that of the older model: It has the same sloped frame that tapers from one edge to the other, with the thicker side resembling the binding of a book.

Amazon has been selling Kindles for 10 years now, but "waterproof" never appeared on its list of incremental technological advancements - until now. There's a new font size as well as bold settings (it now offers five levels of boldness), so you can customise the font as per your liking.

But if you think this means that Amazon has added a 3.5mm headphone jack to the Kindle, well, think again - the audio will only work across Bluetooth. The screen is noticeably bigger than Amazon's other Kindles, and the Oasis now feels larger than a paperback book, although it's still easy to hold, and at 6.8 ounces, it's lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite (7.2 ounces).

Amazon's Kindle is finally water resistant, with the launch of the new larger 7in Kindle Oasis that merges ebooks and audiobooks into one device.

Amazon on Wednesday announced a significant update to its Kindle Oasis e-reader.