Mom jailed for failing to vaccinate son

Oct 06, 2017, 00:17
Mom jailed for failing to vaccinate son

A MI mother was sentenced to seven days in jail for refusing to vaccinate her son will appear in court on Wednesday morning.

Bredow told a judge in the Oakland County Court that it was against her beliefs to immunise her children, The Sun has reported.

Judge McDonald told Bredow she understands that she loves her son, but that the child "has two parents, and dad gets a say".

In addition to the brief jail sentence, Judge McDonald granted the father temporary custody while Bredow is incarcerated or until the child is up to date on his vaccinations. The network found she's been ignoring orders for even longer.

Bredow said that when her son was much younger, she and Horne originally agreed to space out vaccinations for him.

This is why anti-vaccination parents are choosing to homeschool their children, according to President of the National Vaccine Information Centre Barbara Fisher.

Bredow said she takes “full responsibility” for her actions.

Anti-vaccination advocates - or anti-vaxxers - believe that immunising children exposes them to harm, and could be linked to autism.

For parents who are divorcing, vaccine advocates recommend making it clear in the settlement who will be making decisions about their child's health - including vaccinations - to avoid this type of conflict.

As a result, Bedrow was sentenced to serve seven days in jail.

The federal government does not legislate child immunisation, only issuing recommendations while leaving requirements to states or local school districts.

The court initially ordered the immunization November 16, 2016, but it still hasn't happened. "So I am sentencing you to seven days in jail".

Horne accuses Bredow of repeatedly violating his parenting time rights and said in court pleadings that she and her current husband are both medical marijuana users.