Police officer among five injured in 'terror' act in Canada

Oct 02, 2017, 00:43
Police officer among five injured in 'terror' act in Canada

A police officer was standing at a traffic barricade when a man driving a white auto crashed through the barricade and into the police officer sending him 15ft into the air.

Here is what the Edmonton Police Service is saying about the stabbing of an officer Saturday night and a vehicle that struck four pedestrians.

There was an ISIS flag in the auto, which has been seized as evidence, the police chief said.

It all began Saturday night outside the Edmonton Eskimos CFL football game at Commonwealth Stadium where it was military appreciation night. The officer was outside his vehicle, which had its lights flashing to improve visibility.

When the driver was asked for his licence, Knecht said the name on the identification was close to that of the registered owner of white Malibu.

The impact sent the officer flying at least 15 feet into the air, he said.

A suspected terrorist mowed down a crowd of people with a U-Haul truck and stabbed a police officer while fleeing the scene on foot in Edmonton, Canada.

The officer and citizens injured are in hospital recovering. The driver was apprehended and is now in police custody.

"The suspect then got out of the vehicle and approached the officer and an altercation ensued". There is no information on their condition.

Police say they think he acted alone, but they aren't ruling out that others are involved.

The driver was arrested and is now in police custody.

"There were people flying and everything", she said.

"We were just standing out front here and basically a U-Haul was heading north down 109th Street and peeled into this smoking alley here where people were having a smoke", he recalled. One suspect who was driving the U-Haul is under arrest. "We have to show that's not going to happen, not in Edmonton", said group spokesman Aurangzeb Qureshi.

The chase ended when the truck flipped over.

"They (police) were pulling him out of the windshield, then handcuffed him".

The U-Haul driver sped away, with several police cruisers in pursuit. Then he says he heard what he believed was a gunshot.

Knecht confirmed an apparent ISIS flag was seized from the passenger seat of the truck, .

US national security agencies strongly lean toward the conclusion that the suspect acted alone, though they are still reviewing the matter, a USA official told Reuters.

"While the investigation continues, early reports indicate that this is another example of the hate that we must remain ever vigilant against". "Please contact police immediately if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary or unusual".

October 20, 2014: Quebec police shoot and kill Martin Couture-Rouleau after he threatens an officer with a knife.

Crews clean up the scene where a cube van ran into pedestrians and later flipped over while being pursued by police, in Edmonton Alta, on Sunday Oct. 1, 2017. The vehicle struck a police officer, sending him flying about 4.5m, before crashing into his cruiser.

A heavy police presence had blanketed Edmonton's inner city after the initial incident as the manhunt ramped up.

Edmonton police are expected to provide an update on the incident Sunday afternoon.