'Let's Make a Deal' host Monty Hall has died aged 96

Oct 02, 2017, 00:55
'Let's Make a Deal' host Monty Hall has died aged 96

Multiple media outlets reported that Hall, 96, passed away in Beverly Hills Saturday. Shortly after his wife of nearly 70 years died last June, he suffered a heart attack and didn't recover from it. Gleason confirmed that her father died of heart failure just four months after her mother died.

Moving to NY in 1955, he joined forces with writer-producer Stefan Hatos, and the two created the show that would make his name. "He lived for his family".

In 2009, Wayne Brady took the title and has remained as the host.

Hall also co-created and produced the 1970s TV game show Split Second, hosted by Tom Kennedy.

They would then swap the prize for others, hidden behind a series of doors, taking a chance on whether they would win a shiny new vehicle or take home a joke prize - called a "zonk" - such as a live donkey.

Born on August 25, 1921, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, young Monte Halperin was a theater kid through-and-through. However, Hall has been the most memorable.

"In 4,700 shows, I got kissed 50,000 times", Hall said in an interview with a classic TV website. The site also reports that Monty's health has been declining over the past few years. But Hall always owned it. But it was Hall who was lastingly identified as "TV's big dealer", as the show put it, something he found at least mildly disconcerting.

In the show, would-be contestants dressed up in wacky outfits to boost their chances of being picked by the soft- spoken Hall from among the audience. The odds of increasing your chances of winning a good prize by switching doors - the math shows its best to stick with your original choice - became a popular probability puzzle known as the Monty Hall Problem.

The long-time host was also well-known for his charity work, including work with Variety Clubs International and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.