Best Buy to release new classic console Friday morning

Sep 30, 2017, 02:23
Best Buy to release new classic console Friday morning

Nintendo is banking on nostalgia to drive sales during its release of the SNES classic.

The SNES Classic controllers that come with the system are pretty short at just 4.5 feet. Most notably, it also includes Star Fox 2, a game which was completed but never officially released publicly.

The highly anticipated game console, which will be available for $79.99, has the same look and feel of the original system - only smaller. Happy hunting to all the Nintendo heads out there!

Target (tgt) has promised that each of its stores will have SNES Classic Edition units available.

"I realized previous year if you didn't do something like this either one you won't get it for the original price, or you'll wait six months to get it", said Zach Cutts, the first person in line at the Rochester Hills Best Buy location. It's not that insane of an idea though, because once the stores sell out, they will not be restocked. Reddit user SpongeFreak52 has managed to share the good news early, however, as they received their SNES Classic early due to Best Buy apparently messing up on shipping.

ThinkGeek might not be the first place you think of when purchasing a console, but the firm does offer them.

I argued that Nintendo was either underhanded or incompetent with the launch of the NES Classic, and I think that argument still holds up. Nintendo will continue to supply stores with new SNES Classic shipment throughout the remainder of the year and beyond. The Super NES Classic has no internet connection, so there is no way to compete online with friends.

SpongeFreak52 is right in that the SNES Classic is nearly identical in its hardware, while unlocking the limitation of 8-bit games in favour of 16-bit.

Over the hour we played with the console together, she was drawn to the characters she recognized (Mario, yes; Samus Aran of "Super Metroid", not so much).