Trump On Firing Tom Price: 'We'll See'

Sep 28, 2017, 00:17
Trump On Firing Tom Price: 'We'll See'

"The Committee is examining the extent to which non-career officials at federal departments and agencies either use government-owned aircraft for personal travel or private non-commercial aircraft for official travel", read a bipartisan letter sent to the White House Chief of Staff.

Politico reported that Price's use of chartered jet on taxpayer money extended to personal use.

A department official said both trips were paid for by HHS and that Price took both on official government business.

"I will tell you, personally, I am not happy about it", Trump said. President Trump is urging House Republicans to support his American Health Care Act.

Asked if action should be taken against Price, Republican Senator Johnny Isakson, the senior senator from Price's home state of Georgia, said: "I think that's the president's prerogative for any member of the Cabinet". Price toured a medicine dispensary and spoke to a local health summit organized by a longtime friend.

Such flights are typically not allowed if there are cheaper commercial options, which Politico said there were for Price's flights.

He has said he will halt private plane travel on official business while the internal review is being conducted.

"I have no idea who came up with this notion and where it came from, and the notion you could spend $400,000 in what, 5 months, is stunning", Sebelius told Bloomberg.

Asked if he has confidence in Price, Johnson went to speak, then stopped himself and walked away. He actually gets very unfair press in that regard.

"The rules that I thought were the rules that we operated under, were: commercial travel - economy", she said.

Price, an ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan, is a past chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he was known as a frequent critic of wasteful spending.

Democrats also pounced, with former colleagues in the Congress calling for Price's resignation. Yet one administration official noted that Trump has also been furious at Attorney General Jeff Sessions and several other top advisers who he has not fired. The exceptions are when they are traveling with the president or vice president, who fly aboard government planes.