Sonic targeted by data breach that may affect millions of customers

Sep 28, 2017, 00:22
Sonic targeted by data breach that may affect millions of customers

According to cyber security blog "KrebsOnSecurity, " the incident could result in millions of stolen credit and debit card numbers, which were then sold in underground exchanges.

A data breach of the payment system belonging to United States fast-food chain Sonic Drive-In may have resulted in up to five million customers having their credit card details stolen. We immediately engaged third-party forensic experts and law enforcement when we heard from our processor.

Anyone who has recently visited a SONIC and used a card to pay should monitor their accounts carefully and report any discrepancies to their financial institution. Sources also told Krebs of a pattern of fraudulent transactions on cards that had previously been used at Sonic locations. A statement Sonic gave to WAND-TV Wednesday doesn't go into the specifics, but the company does say it is working on the issue.

Krebs noted that it was unclear whether all 5 million cards being sold on the Internet are exclusively from Sonic, and that there are some indications another restaurant may have been impacted by the same hackers.

Sonic Drive-In is the latest in a slew of U.S. restaurants and hospitality chains to suffer a major data breach.

The restaurant chain has more than 3,600 locations in 45 USA states, but it's unclear which have been impacted by the previouslyunreported breach.