Hackers target Deloitte; major security breach reported

Sep 28, 2017, 00:16
Hackers target Deloitte; major security breach reported

Some of the obtained emails included sensitive security information and design details, The Guardian reported.

Deloitte's Rosslyn, Virginia offices have been used for the last six months to carry out an investigation using the codename Windham.

It is not known which government departments have been affected by the attack, and it's not clear whether this was a state-sponsored hack.

The hack was discovered in March 2017, but the firm believes it could have been going on since October 2016. This kind of reverse-engineering is not foolproof, however.

This breach in particular is not ideal for the firm, as it has its own cybersecurity advisory service and offers consultations to clients on the subject of data protection.

For months, the systems of Deloitte, a consulting and accounting firm that ranks among the world's "big four", were compromised and hardly anyone knew it.

Much like Equifax could've prevented its breach by simply patching its systems, Deloitte would not be in this position if it had done more to secure its accounts.

According to The Guardian, Deloitte has informed six of their clients about the potential impact of the hack on their businesses, but the company has neither denied nor confirmed these claims when questioned by other media outlets.

Deloitte has said that it will continue to evaluate this matter and will take additional steps as required.

It said the review enabled it to understand "precisely what information was at risk" and what the hacker actually did.

Government authorities have been alerted and a review is taking place, a Deloitte spokesperson told the Guardian.

The Guardian reports that attackers breached Deloitte's Azure cloud service, provided by Microsoft, which stored emails to and from the accountancy firm's 244,000 staff.

The source told KrebsOnSecurity they were coming forward with information about the breach because, "I think it's unfortunate how we have handled this and swept it under the rug. Embedding best practice cyber behaviours help our clients to minimise the impact on business".

The company also runs a "CyberIntelligence Centre" that assists in data security. With 24x7 coverage, we monitor and assess the threats specific to your organization, enabling you to swiftly and effectively mitigate risk and strengthen your cyber resilience. This is a company that stores sensitive, potentially market-altering information on some of the largest, most important companies in the world and all that stood between that data and the outstretched arms of hackers was a single password.

This revelation is the latest in a series of breaches at major corporations, several of which counted information security as their field of expertise.