Intel unveils 8th-Gen processor family for gaming, desktops

Sep 26, 2017, 00:45
Intel unveils 8th-Gen processor family for gaming, desktops

Like the recent U-series Kaby Lake Refresh laptop processors, which also launched under the "8th generation" moniker, Coffee Lake is largely based on the same core 14nm architecture as Kaby Lake, which in turn was essentially just Skylake, but with more cores across the range.

While independent benchmarks aren't yet available (check back on 5 October for our full review), Intel is confident that these enhancements make Coffee Lake its best platform yet for gaming and desktop applications - leaving aside the much more expensive "Extreme" chips, which it sees as a different market.

The top of the line, Intel Core i7-8700K is capable of 4.7 GHz maximum single-core turbo frequency. Retail pricing will, naturally, be higher in all case. The new processors will support Intel Optane, the memory acceleration technology that Intel began rolling out in 2016. However, Core i3 gets no hyperthreading this time but the good news is that Core i3 8350K and Core i3 8100 now have four physical cores instead of two. These processors will be supported with the new Intel Z370 chipset-based motherboards. There are a pair of i3, i5, and i7 processors, one of each is a "K" suffixed' unlocked processor. Also, the upcoming Cannonlake 10nm chips would come under the 8th Gen family.

When compared to last year's flagship Core i7 chip, users would be able to have around 25% more FPS for demanding games like Gears of War 4. The newest edition is 32% faster at video editing compared to previous processors and 65% quicker at editing content.

Intel unveils 8th-Gen processor family for gaming, desktops

The processor also has enhanced overclocking, like controlling the overclocking for each core individually and real-time memory latency control. Be aware that these chips are only compatible with Intel's new Z370 chipset, so you'll also have to be willing to shell out for a new motherboard as well.

The Core i5-8600K is a six-thread chip with a base clock speed of 3.6GHz, while the Core i5-8400 has a base clock speed of 2.8GHz.

It is expected that delivery of desktop processors will start on 5 October. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates. The most premium member of the 8th gen family, the Core i7-8700K, will run you $359.

Obviously it was in response to AMD's competitive threat, alongside the endless and unstoppable rise of ARM processors that Intel had to threaten Microsoft and Qualcomm not to further popularise with a version of Windows 10 running on it.