Sopranos' actor Frank Vincent dead

Sep 17, 2017, 00:35
Sopranos' actor Frank Vincent dead

The actor "died peacefully on Wednesday, a statement from his family said", according to The Associated Press. According to TMZ, Vincent suffered a heart attack last week and underwent an open-heart surgery as a result. What are some of your favorite memories of him on TV or in movies?

Vincent, who played mob boss Phil Leotardo on HBO's The Sopranos, passed away following complications from heart surgery in New Jersey on Wednesday.

"Frank Vincent was someone I could count on", he wrote.

According to IMDb, Vincent was slated to play roles in five upcoming projects-among them were "The Italy Boys", now in pre-production and expected to star Tom Sizemore and Danny Aiello, and "Asbury Park", also in pre-production and expected to feature Vincent's former frequent cast-mate and close friend Joe Pesci.

Television network HBO saluted Vincent on its Twitter account, saying, "Our family will never forget the Leotardo Legacy". Longtime friends, Vincent and Gallagher started working together back on 1990's "Street Hunter".

Sopranos Paulie Walnuts actor Tony Sirico also sung Vincent's praises.

Given that he starred in several Martin Scorsese films, the legendary filmmaker penned a heartfelt message about Vincent after hearing of his death. He also made a name for himself in his roles as Frank Marino in Casino and crime boss Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos, among others.

That film gave Vincent perhaps his most memorable line, in the role of Billy Batts, a mobster who profanely invites Pesci's character to go home and get his shine box, an insult that proved fatal.

Involved in show business for 41 years, Vincent was one of the most recognizable character actors. His career included films from Raging Bull and Goodfellas to Do the Right Thing.