'Simran' Review: A terrific Kangana is the life of this flawed film

Sep 16, 2017, 01:00
'Simran' Review: A terrific Kangana is the life of this flawed film

All eyes are on Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's latest film collections. The entire second half is a drag, very repetitious, often devoid of logic, with an end that looks as if the writing and direction team suddenly decided that they could not stretch the rubber band anymore. So what can you really call the hunger for life that you see within this petite woman? And then she finds out that she has a thing for baccarat. Information from her personal life and controversial past gave us some juicy gossip, and her film Simran, where she plays the titular role aka Praful Patel, promises an equally exciting and interesting character. The uniform manner in which SIMRAN robs the banks becomes indigestible, so banks in America don't have security? Part of the Hilton housekeeping staff, she picks up an upturned Milan Kundera book, dusts beneath it, and replaces it carefully as it was, before she makes a bed and scrubs a sink, thorough as can be.

There's a bit of romance with a Mr Nice Guy who turns up to rescue Praful from her hard circumstances - while their relationship is sweet though not saccharine, it becomes an unnecessary distraction after a point. Everyone else in the film is overshadowed by Kangana, the way director Hansal Mehta might have willed it. Simran is a Kangana film, understood. Be it her Gujarati accent, her perfectly relatable eye-rolls at the sight of an attractive man, the way she wrestles with patience and finally disintegrates into a mass of rage while arguing with parents, Ranaut is a treat to watch. Her histrionics and silences have reached another level. If you are willing to sign up for only that when you go into the theatre, you might have a good time. On technical front, Anuj Rakesh Dhawan's cinematography is eye pleasing. Antara Lahiri's editing is passable. She soaks her life with every bit of her fibre. Again, the fault lies in the crucial departments mentioned.

The foreigners generally impress, especially Louder as the belligerent black and Mark Justice as the man in the bar. But we can not really say that about this yarn. Perhaps we are only allowed one spectacular bank robbery film set in the city of Atlanta in one year. She was sentenced to 66 months in April 2015. Kangana Ranaut who has always been known as the outspoken and brattish is seen playing the similar character on screen with the movie and hence Simran review is quite good. I was sitting at the table for 16 hours. hoping it'll all change. Why don't I go get awards, if just that's my business?

'Simran' Review: A terrific Kangana is the life of this flawed film

She pulled off the first heist at the Bank of the West in Valencia, Calif., where BBC reports that she had risked her life and liberty for little more than $21,200.

In a bid to get away from the squabbles at home and to defy her parents, she accompanies her rich cousin on a trip to Vegas.