CNN anchor ends segment early over commentator's freaky 'boobs' remark

Sep 16, 2017, 00:57
CNN anchor ends segment early over commentator's freaky 'boobs' remark

"Did you just say 'the first amendment and bee-double-oh-bee-ess?"

"You don't love boobs, too?"

The conversation continued on Twitter, where Travis and Baldwin both posted about the exchange. It wasn't even close to relevant to the conversation, as video of Travis' "boobs" comment shows. I just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show ... what did you say?

Evidently that was the point Travis was attempting to make during his freakish rant: since ESPN fired Curt Schilling for making anti-trans bathroom comments, it should be consistent and also discipline Hill. "I'm a First Amendment absolutist", Travis said. I believe in only two things absolutely: the First Amendment and boobs.

Travis tries to keep making his point, but he incidentally made a far more important point with what he expected would be a throwaway, jokey line about "the First Amendment and boobs". "It shouldn't be brought up here", the other panelist, former ESPN editor Keith Reed responded to Travis' comments.

"Why would you even say that live on national television with a female host?" As if there's debate about the existence of boobs-but then again, there are flat-Earthers and climate change deniers, so maybe Travis has brushed up against fringe anti-boob movements. They were talking about ESPN's Jemele Hill, who tweeted that President Trump was a "white supremacist", which triggered calls to fire her. "Those are the only two things I believe 100 percent in in this country", Travis said. He also said he's been invited back on CNN.

Baldwin later tweeted that she was still in disbelief over the segment, pointing out that this was never okay.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was left in complete shock on Friday after a live interview with Fox Sports radio personality Clay Travis went off the rails, fast.