Trump helps volunteer efforts in hurricane-ravaged Florida

Sep 15, 2017, 00:26
Trump helps volunteer efforts in hurricane-ravaged Florida

Almost 2.7 million homes and businesses were still without power on Thursday.

The death toll from Irma stood at 81, with several hard-hit Caribbean islands accounting for more than half the fatalities, and officials continued to assess damage inflicted by the second major hurricane to strike the USA mainland this year. "So I hope he runs for the Senate", Trump said. "I don't know what to do". But the wealthy two-term governor is considered a leading contender for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Sen.

President Donald Trump has toured areas of Florida devastated by Hurricane Irma and praised the federal and state recovery effort.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed the president's trip at Tuesday's press briefing. "So I hope he runs for Senate".

Last week, Trump cut a deal with Democrats in Congress to provide more than $15 billion in disaster aid for Harvey, while raising the US government's borrowing limit and funding the government through December 8.

While in Naples, Trump will spend around an hour meeting with those impacted by Hurricane Irma, according to the administration.

Hurricane Irma is history but its aftermath remains deadly.

The president is traveling to the hurricane-stricken state Thursday to meet with those affected by the storm and learn more about relief efforts.

Florida's southwestern coast is a haven for retirees seeking warm weather and lovely sunsets across the Gulf of Mexico.

Trump has been outwardly engaged in hurricane response and recovery efforts in recent weeks, twice visiting the Gulf Coast, which was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey last month.

Other elements of his first trip to Texas struck an awkward tone: the first lady's stiletto heels, worn while boarding Marine One at the White House, drew widespread backlash on social media, and Trump's comments to a gathering of supporters - "what a great turnout!" - were more valedictory than comforting.

The president monitored the storm over the weekend from Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.