Pakistan open to joint Afghan border patrols, says PM

Sep 14, 2017, 00:16
Pakistan open to joint Afghan border patrols, says PM

The Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said Pakistan is open to joint border patrols with the Afghan forces amid persistent United States pressures on Pakistan regarding the terror safe havens often blamed for the major attacks in Afghanistan. On the issue of militants sanctuaries in Pakistan, "we are open to bilateral verification, we are open to joint patrolling, we are open to joint posts" with Afghanistan, he said.

"We will put up a fence there; the Afghans are welcome to put up another fence on their side", he said.

He denied Pakistan was harbouring militants, insisting it was "fighting agents of chaos".

Abbasi himself in an interview last month said Trump's Afghanistan plan, which called on Pakistan's arch-rival India to play a greater role in the conflict, is poised to fail.

"If you want statistics, there is much more happening across the border from Afghanistan than anything that happens from Pakistan into Afghanistan". "All the criminal elements we are fighting are based in Afghanistan", Mr Abbasi said.

As part of the new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, Trump said his government would take a tough position on Pakistan.

In his August 21 speech on the Afghan War, President Trump singled out Pakistan for criticism, accusing them of providing safe zones for terrorism, and that they aren't doing enough to support America's war.

US President's claim of doling out billions of dollars in military aid has already been put in historical perspective by our former Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan who has said that the Washington aid was not more than peanuts.

Khaqan Abbasi said Pakistan had suffered massively due to instability in Afghanistan but it was committed for a peaceful resolution of the Afghan issue. Afghanistan's government is slowly losing its grip with the Taliban now controlling or contests about 40 percent of the country, which USA officials say couldn't be possible without help from Pakistan's military.

Abbasi said that the United States had not clarified some of the perceptions that were created after Trump's policy statement on Afghanistan and South Asia. Pakistan is rightly taking friendly countries' leadership into confidence in the wake of Trump statement.