JO 2024: It's official: Paris gets the olympic Games

Sep 14, 2017, 00:16
JO 2024: It's official: Paris gets the olympic Games

As Los Angeles is poised to become 2028 Olympic Host city today the bid committee has released their final video of the series "What's Not in the Bid Book" featuring LA 2028 Chairman Casey Wasserman and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The decision marks the first time the International Olympic Committee has granted two Summer Olympics at once.

IOC Vice President John Coates who was key in drafting the tripartite arrangement said of the resuts "I think they must have seen the advantages, they see there will be no losers out of this, we know they're two outstanding bids and it was an outstanding opportunity so we presented that opportunity to them and they accepted, so I'm very pleased".

LA had initially hoped to host the Olympics in 2024, but allowed the French capital to step forward and hold the event in seven years. Paris long sought a 2024 Games on the centennial of its last Olympics, while Los Angeles remained more open to the possibility of hosting later.

Los Angeles then dropped its bid for the 2024 Olympics, for which it had been campaigning for over two years, in return for receiving the 2028 edition.

"I salute this success and the tremendous opportunity that the Games represent to assist in the transformation of our country, to increase its global attractiveness. and strengthen the role of sport across France", the president said, speaking after visiting hurricane-hit Caribbean islands.

The delegation came to the stage wearing sneakers, which Wasserman talked about in his speech.

Earlier this summer, organizers in Tokyo estimated their cost for the 2020 Games at $12.6 billion.

Both the 2014 winter Games in Russia's Sochi and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics were mired in controversy over corruption, embezzlement and doping allegations, dealing a major blow to the reputations of the event and the IOC.

Officials from Paris and Los Angeles had stressed that their cities already have more than 90% of the facilities they need to host, reducing the additional cost.

LA 2028, the renamed committee leading the city's bid, had proposed a balanced budget of $5.3 billion for '24 by utilizing existing venues and not building any new permanent structures just for the Games.

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach said the votes for both cities were "unanimous".

It will be the third time for each city hosting the Olympic Games.

Paris and Los Angeles were the only competitors left for 2024 after rival cities pulled their bids because of worries over cost. "You were the first cities to fully benefit from the reforms of the Olympic Agenda 2020".