Apple quietly raises prices of iPad Pro

Sep 14, 2017, 00:13
Apple quietly raises prices of iPad Pro

Sources in the know tell us that the increase in price for the high-capacity iPad Pro models is due to a dramatic increase in the cost of NAND flash storage.

Some iPad Pro models will now cost you more; the 256GB iPad Pro 10.5 pricing has gone up to $749 to $799 while the 512GB iPad Pro 10.5 saw an increase from $949 to $999.

While everyone was distracted by the long-awaited reveals of the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K on Tuesday, Apple quietly bumped up the prices on all of its 256GB and 512GB iPad Pro models by $50 without actually changing anything about the tablets.

"The impact on NAND and DRAM will continue to be there and we expect it to be there". The entry-level 64GB iPad Pro appear to have been spared the increase in price leaving the 10.5-inch starting at $649 and the 12.9-inch at $799. "At the same time, the industry-wide transition to 3D-NAND and 2D-NAND TLC production has sharply reduced the supply of Flash memory of the 2D-NAND MLC type".

Previous reports say Apple's orders to produce the new iPhones caused other manufacturers to place orders for chips well before they needed them, to ensure they would have supplies on hand.

For the similar 10.5-inch model with cellular capability, the new prices are $929 and $1,129, up from $879 and $1,079, respectively.