Anti diversity manifesto by Google employee is going viral; here is why

Aug 07, 2017, 00:22
Anti diversity manifesto by Google employee is going viral; here is why

Google employees are up in arms after a senior engineer at the company penned an anti-diversity manifesto that has spread through the company like wildfire. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other tech companies now regularly release diversity reports, highlighting low percentages of women and minority employees, with few moving up the management chain.

"Like many of you, I found that (the document) advanced incorrect assumptions about gender", she said in the memo. His views aren't endorsed or promoted by the company, she wrote in a memo to employees released to the public.

The document, titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", details his opinion that the firm should focus more on ideological diversity and less on initiatives to hire more women and people of color.

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The memo contains plenty of sophomoric generalizations such as "Women on average look for more work-life balance while men have a higher drive for status on average", and "Feminism has made great progress in freeing women from the female gender role, but men are still very much tied to the male gender role". Therefore, it is ok if they don't have significant positions in such area. He thinks that the gender gap doesn't imply sexism. The engineer's identity has not been revealed.

Jaana Dogan, a software engineer at Google, tweeted that some people at the company at least partially agreed with the author. He also claims that Google has an unconscious-bias training.

"Google's political bias has equated the freedom from offense with psychological safety, but shaming into silence is the antithesis of psychological safety", the author said. "But that discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment found in our code of conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws". "Considering women spend more money than men and that salary represents how much the employees sacrifices (e.g. more hours, stress, and danger), we really need to rethink our stereotypes around power".

Google brags about its workforce's diversity, despite it still being predominantly male.

Just last month, a judge ordered Google to hand over employee records to federal investigators as part of the ruling, USA Today reported.

Google's workforce chart divided by gender as of May 2014. The findings so far have been that Google regularly pays women less than men in comparable roles.

"Essentially, engineering is all about cooperation, collaboration, and empathy for both your colleagues and your customers", Zunger writes. "All of these traits which the manifesto described as "female" are the core traits which make someone successful at engineering", he wrote. However, it will have to try harder on this matter since it is in the spotlight after the investigation started by the Labor Department and the publication of this new memo.