The Golden Rules Of Prime Day

Jul 06, 2017, 00:15
The Golden Rules Of Prime Day

Ahead of its Prime Day sale on 11 July, Amazon will give Alexa users access to exclusive advance offers. The prospect of voice shopping has flopped with most Amazon users, even those who otherwise enjoy Alexa's features.

In preparation for Prime Day, Amazon is offering four months of Music Unlimited to Prime members for 99p. The company created this holiday back in 2015 to offer deals on its products and those from Amazon merchants. And if you want to be entered into a $5,000 sweepstakes, simply ask Alexa to reveal to you each day's new deals. To better sort through the deals that actually interest you, the Amazon app will allow you to preview and track deals before they go live, which will make it easer to snag them when they become available-just add items to your watchlist to receive notifications.

Save $6 on Greenies dog treats, original flavor, 27 oz. - say, "Alexa, order Greenies dog treats". You'll also need an Alexa speaker from Amazon, because there are a bunch of killer deals that are only available to voice shoppers this year.

Save $20 on Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus 2 Generation - works with Alexa - say, "Alexa, order Philips Lightstrip Plus". That's not bad. Just say, "Alexa, sign up for Prime".

Temptation abounds in a sale the size of Amazon Prime Day, particularly considering the short buying window.

Save 35% on Haribo Gummi Bear 12-pack - say, "Alexa, order Haribo Gummi Bears".

So nothing until the evening of July 10?

First, you need to be a Prime member. Some devices may be worth a punt if the price is right, but some products we test aren't worth a penny of your hard-earned cash. Popular products will sell out quickly, and the last thing you want is to miss out because you were checking up on another deal.

In a statement, Amazon Prime VP Greg Greeley said, "Voice shopping is an exciting benefit exclusively for Prime members". "Amazon's thinking with this promo is if a customer sees the ease of voice ordering once, then they are much more likely to do it again". "This is the year Alexa conquers the world". The 2016 Prime Day sale brought even more deals and more attractive discounts and shoppers were generally happier with the second sale than the first one.