Olivia De Havilland Suing FX Over Catherine Zeta-Jones' Portrayal On 'Feud'

Jul 02, 2017, 01:55

However, the actress is not happy with her portrayal onscreen and her lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Friday (30Jun17) is "based on the unauthorized commercial use of Dame Olivia's name and identity in the FX (network) hit series".

Here's an idea for the next season of Feud - Olivia de Havilland vs. Feud. However, she says she didn't give her permission for her likeness to be used in the show, and is alleging invasion of privacy, among other things. There is no public interest to be protected by putting false statements into the mouth of a living person, using their name and identity for a false and unauthorized goal, damaging their reputation.

The Gone with the Wind actress is not happy with being depicted as a "gossip". She said that she has maintained a reputation of integrity and dignity while in the industry so Zeta-Jones doing an interview at the start of the series made it seem as though she was a hypocrite.

In the first season of Ryan Murphy's anthology series Feud, about the bad blood between actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, Dame Olivia is played by actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. At 101 years old, Olivia de Havilland is the only person still living from that period in Hollywood history and she's taking offense to Ryan's interpretation of events in Feud. "Did that happen? What was your take on that?'"

At other times the show depicts her as a "petty gossip" she adds, calling the Oscars interview "fake" and "completely false".

The star says Feud was created to look like reality, but no one consulted her: the only person alive who experienced the events depicted. So far, there's been no comment from FX regarding the lawsuit.

The statement from her lawyers, Smith and Don Howarth, said de Havilland is "no stranger to controversy with the powerful Hollywood production industry". In addition to emotional distress damages, she is seeking profits gained by FX for the use of her likeness, and for a permanent injunction barring FX from continuing to use her likeness. She will turn 101 on Saturday. Plus, remember, previous successful legal action by the actress back in the day saw the creation of California's seven-year contract rule unofficially known as the de Havilland Law - a move that helped bringing down the studio's stranglehold on performers' careers.